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submitted by Xyle 4 days ago

Puppy Jousting

Control your puppy using the speed button, which increases the charging speed and by using the bone button which will raise the bone.

Try to get a perfect match with the random speed and bone, the closer you get the better chance of damaging your opponent. If you do match the random speed and bone, you will knock your enemy off their mount and win. (Unless they knock you off too!)

Every match is 3 rounds, the player who does the most damage wins. The stats are persistant and can be uploaded to the high score screen.

Please leave any feedback here!

Available From:

Puppy Jousting for Android at Google Play Store!

Puppy Jousting for Iphone at Apple App Store!

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submitted by cageInfamous 5 days ago

Banana Bagger

As a lone monkey, in a jungle where bananas and coconuts rain from the sky, make sure to catch as many bananas as you can! But make sure not to catch any coconuts!

Use the left and right arrows to switch the monkey from side to side.

Available on Android and iOS soon!

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